4. Momentous
December 31st, 2023
“There is a time for everything…” says Solomon the wise king - and that time is now. You engage with it one thing at a time, by God’s design, because in time (as in everything else) you are made to be...  Read More
2. Expiration Date
December 10th, 2023
Part 2 of the Spotlight series "Time is Passing"  ICEBREAKERIt may, of course, depend on the product, but what’s the furthest after the expiration date that you’re still willing to eat something?Once ...  Read More
1. Ticking Crocodile
December 3rd, 2023
Ever feel like time is chasing after you? Let’s find a way to outrun the croc who swallowed the clock....  Read More
4. Winning is Simply Not One
November 26th, 2023
Explore a life beyond personal power by challenging the traditional view of both dominance and shared, mutual responsibility. Discover the transformative lens through which Jesus saw power and how it ...  Read More
3. Mutuality
November 19th, 2023
Part 3 of the Spotlight series "Power is Passing"  ICEBREAKEROutside of a political setting, have you ever had a democratic process go differently than you'd hoped but been happy the process existed a...  Read More
2. A Broken Clock
November 12th, 2023
Power is a liar, sure - but that truth leads us into a complicated way of living, because power is also real. It is present and everybody interacts with it. You can't simply expect to avoid power dyna...  Read More
1. Power, down.
November 5th, 2023
If you have significant strength, if you can exert your will on others, if you can maintain control over what happens in most situations, it might be said that you have power. And if you have power, i...  Read More
4. Short-term Serious
October 29th, 2023
Part 4 of the Spotlight series "Forgiveness is Passing"  Icebreaker: What is something that was really useful to you, but you have now “grown out of” needing/using?Once you've broken the ice, read thi...  Read More
3. Internal Action
October 22nd, 2023
Part 3 of the Spotlight series "Forgiveness is Passing"  Icebreaker: What’s something that you really wanted to obtain and felt great when it was finally yours? Once you've broken the ice, read this S...  Read More
2. The Undeath
October 15th, 2023
Part 2 of the Spotlight series "Forgiveness is Passing"  Icebreaker: What's a movie or book (other than the Bible) where forgiveness played a key role and left an impact on you?Once you've broken the ...  Read More
1. Forgiveness is Done
October 8th, 2023
Part 1 of the Spotlight series "Forgiveness is Passing"  Think back to a time when you were forgiven more easily or more quickly than you expected. How did that make you feel, and how has it impacted ...  Read More
4. Expectation? Opportunity.
October 1st, 2023
Part 4 of the Spotlight series "Gender is Passing"  Have you ever received a gift that you wanted to appreciate but had no idea what you were going to do with it? Once you've broken the ice, see what ...  Read More






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