2. Imbalanced


Part 2 of the Spotlight series "Equality is Passing" 
Anyone have a good story of a time you dropped something? Just really fumbled it?
Once you've broken the ice, get into the idea of this Spotlight with the another question, this one about good order. Use the clip below for this.
(And welcome, by the way! It's great that you're here!)
Hopefully that makes enough sense to get you started.

Pray this prayer to get into it:
You did not make, and do not need,
a universe dependent on being in balance.
Instead, you selflessly serve us as we learn to find our footing in you -
so that we, like you, are not dependent on everything being “just right.”

Welcome Perspective: Balanced order gets a lot of focus. What if it isn’t the goal?
These words are important to Americans. They've served as a guide in the country's brightest moments, and as an indictment in its darkest.

But these are the words of government, not of Gospel. No matter how well you feel they serve as a philosophy for governing, they aren't the same as the reality of God's grace. Spend some time considering the difference with this audio meditation.

It may be useful to look up Psalm 49 so you can read along as you listen.
Reflecting on True Value
Prompt: Consider the ways in which society values wealth and status. Ask for God's guidance in valuing others not by their worldly possessions or achievements, but by the measure of love shown to them by God.

Contemplating Mortality
Prompt: Reflect on the inevitability of death as the great equalizer, reminding us that no amount of wealth or power can alter our shared human destiny. Pray for a heart that understands the temporary nature of earthly distinctions and clings to the eternal hope offered to all through Christ. Ask for the courage to live a life that prioritizes eternal values over temporal success.

Seeking Stewardship
Prompt: Meditate on the stewardship of your resources, talents, and time in light of the equality of all before God. Pray for discernment in using what you've been given to serve others and advance the kingdom of God, recognizing that true riches are found in love, service, and the pursuit of justice. Ask for opportunities to demonstrate the kingdom's values of generosity and selflessness in a world that often promotes selfish gain.

Embracing Redemption
Prompt: Reflect on the Psalm's message that no one can redeem the life of another or give to God a ransom for them—the price is too costly and can only be paid by God. Pray for a renewed appreciation of the gift of redemption that is freely offered to all. Ask for the grace to live in the light of this redemption, treating others as equals in the sight of God, and sharing the good news of this gift with those who have not yet received it.
Worship Perspective: Don't place your hopes on fixing inequality, place them on Jesus.
Learn Perspective: Human worth comes not from humanity, but from grace, given abundantly.

A Holy Week Offering for Justice

Your goal today is to do some research on the list of organizations that have been given, submitting information that will be available when the voting begins. Please compose a single paragraph for each of the orgs you choose and send them to kent@illume.church.

  • IJM
  • A21
  • Operation Underground Railroad
  • IFCJ
  • Hope for justice
  • Medaille Trust
  • A Way Out
  • Beyond the Streets
  • CARE
  • Love 146
  • Tim Tebow Foundation
  • Mary's Place
  • Outreach Christian Education
  • Edify
  • Association of Christian Librarians
Serve Perspective: Those who seek to serve place themselves below those they serve.

Prayer Requests

Farewell Perspective: Perfect equality is not the goal of God's kingdom, even if it is a byproduct. 

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