Focus 2 (of 4)-Passing on Judgment

Focus 2|Passing on Judgment

When a person’s experience with politeness is associated with a feeling of shame (or the fear of that feeling), something is wrong. Those who were meant to be polite have decided to be nothing but judgmental, and they’ve left any trace of politeness behind.
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Can you share a time when you learned something new about a culture or belief system that challenged your previous assumptions?
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Let's talk about not judging.
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If anyone has the right to judge, it’s you - yet your actions toward us are not those of a just judge but of a loving helper, hero, and friend. Thank you.
Welcome Perspective
People say, "Judge not, lest ye be judged," but what are we to do instead?
Take a deep breath and worship your way through this presentation about Jesus’ lack of judgment for you.
Worship Perspective
Christ sidestepped judgment because he loved all of us just the way we were.
Explore the ways philosophers have tried to keep our desire to be kind from falling into judgment.
Learn Perspective
Guilt has its moment, but shame doesn't belong in polite company.
Learn a little about the Ronald McDonald House Seattle.

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Serve Perspective
The hospitable make sure everybody knows they can belong here.
Let's recap what we have learned in this Spotlight—and series.
Discuss: If you could force anything from this Spotlight into a conversation, what would you bring up? 
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Farewell Perspective
Jesus has shown us what it means to "Love instead, for ye have been loved"
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