Focus 1 (of 4)-Politeness v Politics

Focus 1 (of 4)-Politeness v Politics

You don’t have to look very closely at the current state of affairs to guess that “politics” and “politeness” have nothing to do with each other, but it is true. Though they share a lot of letters, the English words are completely unrelated. Isn’t it ironic, then, that politeness is so often [mis]used as a tool for showing superiority over others?
Consider this ice breaker as you gather for the Spotlight.
Share a recent experience in which you experienced someone being unexpectedly polite or courteous. 👍 👍
See what this Spotlight—and series—is focused on.
Tap on the words "Focus 1" in the image below to read this Spotlight's summary.
Let's talk about a couple of unrelated words.
Watch this short intro video when you’re ready to begin today's Spotlight.
(And welcome, by the way! It’s great that you’re here!)
Let's say a prayer together as we dive into this Spotlight.
You are the greatest of all, yet you became the least for us.
Stifle our desire to feel superior to others,
and ignite in us the desire to care for people like you do.
Welcome Perspective
We won't say it's wrong to be polite-until it gets political.
Watch this video and find some rest from the God who is more than polite to you.
Sing along (if you’re comfortable) with this song.
We chose this song for two reasons. First, it’s a great song about the unity that comes when we love one another with the love of God. Second, it’s called “good grace” and, in this politeness series we’ll talk a lot about “good graces.” 
Hit play on the video, but use the lyrics below to follow along.
Worship Perspective
The say "manners make the man"-but God's gentleness makes man matter.
Follow through this presentation to explore what makes politeness truly polite.
Navigate through the presentation by using the buttons and arrows in the frame below.
Learn Perspective
Dignity is a product of true love, not of better behavior.
Let’s talk about the power of hospitality.
In this Spotlight series, we’ll be partnering up with the Ronald McDonald House Seattle (located very near Illume). Watch the video below to get a sense of what they do:
Politeness, at its best, is about making those around you feel safe and comfortable. Great hospitality is one of the finest example of this, and the Ronald McDonald House takes hospitality seriously.
Feel free to submit a prayer request by filling out the below form.
(If you choose to make your request public, you'll see it display in the Current at the end of the Spotlight along with anyone else who did the same.)

Prayer Requests

Pray through your requests—together—as a group.
After submitting your requests in the above form, take some time to share with your group whatever requests the group might have for this week.
Follow along with this prayer guide with your group.
Follow this simple, written suggestion on how to pray about the prayer requests shared during this Spotlight.
Once someone shares a prayer request, everyone can take a moment to silently pray for it. Then, have a volunteer offer this brief prayer, “Lord, we pray that you’ll be present in this situation. We love to know that you care about us.” May your time of praying be filled with compassion.
Serve Perspective
Hospitality seeks to give comfort to the uncomfortable.
Let's recap what we have learned in this Spotlight—and series.
Make Connections: As you come to the end, it’s helpful to take a little time to think about what from this Spotlight might come up in future conversations with others. You’ve gone through this experience for a reason - and it’s not just for you. Come up with 3 ways you might benefit from this Spotlight in future conversations.
Sing along with (or listen to) this song to close out this Spotlight.
Feel free to sing along or simply listen. Do what makes you comfortable—but do whatever helps you focus on the song's meaning best.
Farewell Perspective
Let the desire to "be polite" come from a place of humble love.
Let's wrap things up by taking a look at what's Current at Illume.

Tap on the buttons in the frame below to see what’s currently happening at Illume—information on everything from current and upcoming online content to live events and opportunities to serve in the community can all be found here.

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