Focus 3 (of 4)- The True Light

Focus 3|The True Light

If darkness is obfuscation for the purpose of separation, light is clarity for the purpose of unity. The true light—the light unadulterated by any hint of darkness, is the light that unites. The ultimate goal of seeing in any situation is to empower and make possible unity. Just as many things are made manifest by the presence of darkness, so also many things are made manifest by light—and just as those things that are made manifest by the darkness are not the darkness, so also those things that are made manifest by the light are not the light. They are simply the good results of the light, and the better you see the difference between light and its results the more you’ll be able to bring light into varied situations.
Consider this ice breaker question to get started.
What would we see if we shined a flashlight under your couch today? 🔦
See what this Spotlight—and series— is focused on.
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Let's talk about light.
Read this section when you’re ready to begin today's Spotlight. (And welcome, by the way! It’s great that you’re here!)

Here’s a question: When it comes to seeing, what's more important than having eyes? No matter how good your vision is and no matter how beautiful or interesting the thing in front of you is, if there is no light, those things don't matter. Light is what makes seeing possible—it lets you see what something is, how you can interact with it, and what you + it can become. Light takes the obscure mass of questions and unknowns of darkness and turns it into something real.
Let's say a prayer together as we dive into this Spotlight.
Dear God, thank you for the gift of sight and the light that guides our way. May your light continue to illuminate our path, revealing the beauty and purpose in all things. Amen.
Welcome Perspective
Light is what makes it possible to see.
Read through this section and be seen.
God is very good at seeing.
Perhaps this is because he is light.

And since God is very good at seeing, he is very good at seeing you.
Everything about you, he sees.

This means everything you've ever done that wasn't good, in any way… he's seen.

If God looked at you like a person looks at a used car, asking if you're worth having, this would be pretty scary.
But God doesn't look at you that way. You're not something he might want if you're worth it. You're someone he already decided he wants because he loves you.

God is very good at loving.
Perhaps this is because he is love. 

And since God is very good at loving, he is very good at loving you.

Sometimes people feel like God looks at them and then he chooses to love them.

Maybe because they think they're good enough to be loved.

Maybe because they think God is very gracious and loves them despite loathing them.
Maybe because they think God sees something else—he sees Jesus in their place and loves Jesus instead of loving them.

But God doesn't look at you like a person looks at a used car, asking if you're worth having. He examines you because he has you and he's looking closely at you like his most prized possession.

God's love and his light are the same thing—the very thing by which you are seen. 
The idea that the light is a scary thing is false. 
Watch this video, focusing in on the words of the song.
Worship Perspective
Seeing is for loving.
Go through this presentation to consider what it means to walk in the light.
Navigate through the presentation by using the buttons and arrows in the frame below.
Learn Perspective
The true light is for unconditional love.
There's a lot to learn about the Organization for Prostitution Survivors.
And a lot of it can be learned in their most recent annual report.  
2020+Annual+Report.pdf 9.26 MB
View the report on a mobile device by scanning this QR code.

Take 5 minutes to review them, and then have every member of the group share the most interesting thing they found.
Feel free to submit a prayer request by filling out the below form.
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Prayer Requests

Pray through your requests—together—as a group.
After submitting your requests in the above form, take some time to share with your group whatever requests the group might have for this week.
Follow along with this prayer guide with your group.
Follow this simple, written suggestion on how to pray about the prayer requests shared during this Spotlight.

Today, use the J-O-Y prayer outline for praying. (It's a tool used to help kids think about prayer. First, pray about anything that has to do directly with Jesus - praise, thanks, requests, etc. Next, pray for Others. Finally, pray for Yourself.
Serve Perspective
The true light will never divide.
Let's recap what we have learned in this Spotlight—and series.

Discuss: What obstacles do you see to the idea of unconditional love being interesting to people in your life?
Sing along with (or listen to) this song to close out this Spotlight.
Feel free to sing along or simply listen. Do what makes you comfortable—but do whatever helps you focus on the song's meaning best.

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Farewell perspective
Light unites.

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